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Out now! Listen to our new podcast on leadership and NCD equity

23rd April 2024

In this new episode of the Voices of the Health Revolution podcast, Dr Monika Arora, President of NCDA and Executive Director of HRIDAY, meets global diabetes advocate Snehal Nandagawli to discuss urgent issues hampering NCD equity and the need for strong leadership to leave no one behind. 

Prevention is better than cure, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to noncommunicable diseases. In this podcast, Dr Monika Arora, President of NCD Alliance and Executive Director of HRIDAY shares the facts about NCD prevention and how governments can show true leadership in protecting the health of their populations by implementing tried-and-true policies and programmes. She also shines a spotlight on health harming industries, like junk food, tobacco and fossil fuels, and their interference in health policy making in countries around the world. As we approach the 4th UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs and Mental Health in 2025, Monika shares one key message with decision makers everywhere: It’s time to take the lead on NCDs.

“Civil society […] brings a leadership and equity lens to their work in communities, and civil society coalitions like NCDA have made tremendous progress in terms of engaging people with lived conditions meaningfully, because they are training them as champions and these champions are getting seated on decision-making tables to be able to inform the health system and strengthen policies to be people-centered”, says Dr Monika Arora in the podcast. 

This episode comes with a bonus: our host is Snehal Nandagawli, Chapter Lead at Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation & Global Diabetes Advocate, who adds her poignant perspectives to the conversation!



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