Right to health must be at the core of post-2015 development agenda

17th February 2015

Health in Post‐2015 NGO Advocacy Group statement to the second intergovernmental session

The Political Declaration for the Post-­‐2015 Development Agenda

"A  collective  vision  of  the  road  to  2030  must  be  anchored  in  a  human  rights‐based  approach  and  recognize  the  importance  of  health  and  wellbeing  for  people  of  all  ages  and  diversities.  Achieving the  highest  attainable  standard  of  physical  and  mental  health  and  wellbeing  is  an  essential  prerequisite for the eradication of poverty and the achievement of sustainable human development. Without the realization of the right to health, people of all ages and diversities will not be able to benefit from poverty eradication, the key objective of the post-­‐2015 development agenda, nor the achievement  of  other  goals  and  targets  in  the  document  which  are  inextricably  linked  to  health,  namely: sustainable agriculture, education, gender equality and women’s and girls’ empowerment, disaster resilience, peaceful societies, and decent work."

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