Together, the international cancer community showed its strength on World Cancer Day

14th April 2020

The actions and impact from this year's World Cancer Day have been detailed in two separate reports, highlighting the visible support and enthusiasm for the day as supporters marked its 20th anniversary.

This year's World Cancer Day took place as news of the coronavirus emerged, diverting the attention of governments, media and the general public. However, what took place since 4th of February shows an unhesitating support for World Cancer Day and the importance of cancer as a global health issue. 

The UICC's World Cancer Day 2020 Impact Report together with this year's Governments in Action Report show the inspiring actions taken together. Both reports celebrate the staggering reach achieved and are powerful reminders of the significant impact of — greater awareness, improved education and strengthened political will — that can be made when we choose to come together.

World Cancer Day, as a global community of supporters, proves that physical proximity is not what connects us, it is the shared vision of a brighter, healthier world where millions of lives are saved from cancer.

What this year revealed is the strength and importance of World Cancer Day in encouraging important conversations on a difficult and complex subject like cancer, increasing public understanding of its wider impact on people living with cancer and the value of leadership and action in addressing the disease, which is necessary and needed now more than ever.

Highlights from the report include: 

  • The official hashtag #WorldCancerDay trended around the world on Twitter;
  • Over half a million unique visitors explored the official World Cancer Day website;
  • At least 65 government leaders engaged and 52 cities joined in by illuminating significant landmarks;
  • Close to 1,000 events took place in over 100 countries;
  • Nearly 15,000 press articles and broadcasts recognised the day.