GCM Dialogues, Nov 2015
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WHO GCM/NCD Dialogue on International Cooperation on NCDs

02nd December 2015

The WHO Global Mechanism on NCDs (GCM/NCDs) convened this week 250 representatives from governments, NGOs, patients, youth, academia and the private sector in Geneva (Switzerland) for the second WHO GCM Dialogue on International Cooperation on NCDs. Major themes highlighted were the central role of national policies and policy coherence, both domestically and internationally, increased tax revenue to finance the NCD response, including but not limited to 'sin taxes', and the importance of intensified coordination and collaboration.

The GCM announced the launch of an online Community of Practice, initiatied with a virtual discussion forum to be held from 9-18 December on specific aspects of international cooperation on NCDs. 

In preparation for the Dialogue, the NCD Alliance and the Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network (YP-CDN) jointly hosted a Pre-Dialogue Caucus for 50 representatives of civil society on Sunday 29 November. The meeting was one of the three independent stakeholder caucuses organised to develop concrete recommendations for action as input to the Dialogue.