Red para la Prevención de ENT en España (RedENT)

We want to accelerate government, civil society and community efforts to prevent NCDs.

This network, constituted by social entities and scientific societies, has the vision that, in our country, socioeconomic status does not determine people’s health.

About RedENT

In Spain, there have been several and very valid efforts to prevent NCDs and work over its risk factors, but the low level of coordination, synergies and support between the national government and regional decision makers, currently cause loss of effectiveness and little resource optimization. The World Health Organization (WHO) lays out that health is a political decision and as its General Director said, “the scarcest good in public health is political will".

In view of the increasing impact of these diseases in Spain and with the objective of accelerating all the different stakeholders and society efforts, the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC in Spanish), the Spanish Red Cross, the Federation of Community and Primary Care Nursing Associations (FAECAP in Spanish), the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC in Spanish), the Spanish Diabetes Society (SED in Spanish) and the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFyC in Spanish) have come together to create the NETWORK FOR THE PREVENTION OF NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES IN SPAIN (RedENT in Spanish).

RedENT's work on NCDs

Based on short-term effectiveness, RedENT asks the government to support the implementation of these three urgent actions in the next two years:

  • Increase tobacco taxes, monitor compliance of current legislation over smoke-free spaces and work on increasing these smoke-free spaces.
  • Implement front-of-pack mandatory labelling to food industrialized products.
  • Implement special taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages.



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