Advocacy Institute 2020-2023: Achievements Report

Advocacy Institute 2020-2023: Achievements Report <
Published 07th November 2023
Author NCD Alliance


This report examines the achievements of national and regional NCD alliances during the second phase of the Advocacy Institute (2020-2023).

The second phase of the Advocacy Institute (2020-2023) supported a total of 16 geographies as part of a Seed programme and two thematic Accelerator programmes (one focused on prevention and one focused on NCDs and UHC). The programmes supported alliances via a combination of grants; technical assistance; peer-to-peer learning, training and capacity building workshops; and ensuring linkages between global, regional and national advocacy work.

The second phase of the Advocacy Institute demonstrated the vital role of NCDA’s capacity development work. Ninety-three per cent of the participating alliances reported to have strengthened their governance and undertaken a strategic planning process to identify clear organisational objectives and advocacy priorities. Similarly, 86% indicated that they had gained a clear understanding of national NCD policies and processes, and 73% of alliances highlighted positioning their alliances as a legitimate, respected, credible and strong civil society voice on NCDs.

Thanks to the achievements and the lessons learned during both the first (2017- 2019) and second phase (2020-2023), the Advocacy Institute remains a flagship initiative of the NCDA’s capacity development work with demonstrated impact for NCD alliances in low- and middle-income countries. Looking ahead, the NCD Alliance will continue building capacity and strengthening advocacy efforts towards more advocacy gains and wins during an upcoming third phase.