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Introductory Guide on Community-led Monitoring of NCD Services

Introductory Guide on Community-led Monitoring of NCD Services <
Published 30th November 2023
Author NCD Alliance


CLM is a community-driven, grassroots accountability mechanism used by affected communities to assess the accessibility and quality of health services. Given that CLM is an emerging area of interest and an underdeveloped tool for improving NCD services, NCDA has developed this introductory guide to present the principles, elements and processes of CLM, as they relate to NCDs.

This introductory guide is for NCD alliances, advocates and other civil society organisations who:

  • Work with people with lived experience of NCDs to build their capacity to advocate for a people-centred response at all levels of decision-making and service delivery.
  • Are monitoring or are interested in monitoring access to and quality of NCD-related health services and who wish to scale up this work.
  • Undertake evidence-based advocacy for people-centred NCD prevention and care services.

The guide is informed by NCDA’s commitment to the meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs in decisions that affect their lives. This guide draws from CLM in the context of HIV and includes the perspectives and experiences of NCD alliances who participated in focus groups and key informant interviews preceding the development of the introductory guide. This guide is not intended to be an extensive technical resource on CLM for NCDs, but rather an introductory guide to CLM with resources and links to further information.