NCD Alliance Webinar, 10 May 2017

NCD Alliance Webinar, 10 May 2017
Published 10th May 2017
Author NCD Alliance


Webinar Agenda: 
Opening Comments: Transition of NCDA to a legal entity - Katie Dain, NCDA
  1. 70th World Health Assembly including: (including NCD Agenda Items - Alena Matzke, NCDA & 2017 Cancer Resolution - Rosie Tasker, UICC)
  2. WHA Side Events - Jessica Beagley, NCDA
  3. WHA Communications - Jimena Marquez Donaher & Lucy Westerman, NCDA
  4. WHO Global Conference on NCDs – Priya Kanayson, NCDA 
  5. NCDA Accountability toolkit – Jessica Beagley, NCDA
Moderator: Cristina Parsons Perez, NCDA