NCD Alliance Webinar, 9 November 2016

NCD Alliance Webinar, 9 November 2016
Published 10th November 2016
Author NCD Alliance


This NCD Alliance covered the following topics:

  1. Global WHO and UN Updates (SDG Indicator Process) - Priya Kanayson
  2. Commission on Social Development and Commission on Status of Women 2017 Priya Kanayson 
  3. WHO Consultations on Dementia, Childhood Obesity and Non State Actors - Alena Matzke
  4. WHO Shanghai Declaration on Health Promotion - Lucy Westerman
  5. WHO Director General Election - Josianne Galea
  6. Regional Updates (WHO Regional Committee Meetings - Jess Beagley
  7. WHO GCM/NCD Global Dialogue - Cristina Parsons Perez
  8. NCD Regional CSO Meetings in AFRO and EURO - Cristina Parsons Perez
  9. Environment and Health (Habitat III – New Urban Agenda adopted)
  10. UN Framework Convention on Climate Change COP23 - Jess Beagley