NCDA Advocacy Institute Webinar - Accountability, 23 July 2020

NCDA Advocacy Institute Webinar - Accountability, 23 July 2020 <
Published 27th July 2020
Author NCD Alliance


The session is the first out of four sessions which form part of NCDA Advocacy Institute's Seed virtual training programme in 2020. This session specifically focused on the key role of civil society in ensuring government and private sector accountability to their response and strategies to NCDs in the COVID-19 context. It included speakers from the global NCD Alliance team as well as national alliances, followed up by an interactive group discussion.

The slides of this webinar are also available at 'My NCDA Hub'



The NCDA Advocacy Institute;s Seed virtual trainings in 2020 are a benefit of our member alliances to help them strengthen their activities in the NCD space and their coalition building efforts. The slides and recordings are also open to all NCDA members and NGO supporters as it may help inform their own advocacy and capacity development work. If you are not already a member or NGO supporter of NCDA, and would like to learn more about the benefits of being one, you can learn more here or directly apply here.