NCDA Advocacy Institute Webinar: Resource Mobilisation, 16 October 2019

NCDA Advocacy Institute Webinar: Resource Mobilisation, 16 October 2019 <
Published 17th October 2019
Author NCD Alliance


The objective of this webinar is to share the most important elements to ensure an effective resource mobilisation for an NCD alliance, in order to ensure its sustainability.
The webinar included presentations from the NCD Alliance, ACT Health Promotion (Brazil), the Danish NCD Alliance and the Rwanda NCD Alliance, who shared their experiences and lessons learned in mobilising resources for their alliances, and how they have done so with partners and supporters at the local, national and international levels. These cases helped discuss and identify some of the characteristics and lessons learned on resource mobilisation, and encourage peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and support.
This webinar is part of a series of three webinars we are organising this year as part of NCDA Advocacy Institute. The recordings and slides for the first two webinars on Strategic Planning for Alliances and Communication Campaign Strategies are available through ‘My NCDA Hub’.


The slides of this webinar are also available at 'My NCDA Hub'


The NCD Alliance's Advocacy Institute webinar series is a benefit of our member alliances to help them strengthen their coalition building work, but they are also open to all NCDA members and NGO supporters as it may help inform their own coalition building and capacity development work.

Please note that recordings and slides of this webinar are only available to members and supporters. If you are not already a member or supporter of the NCD Alliance, and would like to learn more about the benefits of being one, you can learn more here or directly apply here.

We also offer a free engagement tier through network membership. Network members have free access to webinar recordings after 30 days. If interested in this option, you can apply directly here.