Sectoral Brief: Local Governments

Sectoral Brief: Local Governments <
Published 22nd September 2016
Author WHO, UNDP


This sectoral brief is tailored specifically to local governments. It expands upon the following key points regarding what they need to know about NCDs:

  • Urbanization is driving noncommunicable disease (NCD) epidemics.
  • NCDs threaten the resiliency and sustainability of cities.
  • There are cost-effective initiatives at municipal and local level that can prevent NCDs while delivering wider societal benefits.
  • Prevention must be a central component of NCD responses.
  • Those responsible for urban planning have a fundamental responsibility to tackle NCDs and their socioeconomic impacts.
  • Tackling NCDs provides an opportunity for government, the private sector and civil society to work together to make life-saving, lifeenhancing differences for entire city populations.