Uganda NCD Alliance

“A society free of preventable Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).” We lead the CSO response against NCDs in Uganda by placing people’s health at the center of the national agenda through advocacy, and inspiring the population

The Uganda NCD Alliance (UNCDA) was founded in response to the global NCDs epidemic which was and is striking hard in low and middle-income countries (LMIC) including Uganda.

NCDA full member & national NCD alliance

About the Uganda NCD Alliance

The Uganda NCD Alliance (UNCDA) is a leading partner with the Ministry of Health in the fight against NCDs in Uganda. UNCDA is an established CSO leading other CSOs in their response to the NCD challenge.

Established in 2010, UNCDA is made up of 3 associations: Uganda Diabetes Association, Uganda Cancer Society and Uganda Heart Research Foundation. The Alliance has over the years established 11 branches based at district level across four regions of Uganda. The branches implement UNCDA activities at district and regional level. UNCDA has partnership with 12 CSOs advocating for access of the general population to NCD prevention and control services. UNCDA has supported 8 districts to establish 8 NCD clinics in rural health facilities to provide NCD screening, diagnosis and education.

With the support of UNCDA, the Ministry of Health has established a fully-fledged NCD Department, and the NCD challenge is well perceived all over the country and by policy makers. A national physical activity program was launched by the President, and has directed all government ministries and departments to set individual physical activity plans for all government workers.

UNCDA main activities

We advocate for the development and implementation of NCD policies and practice in Uganda. We increase understanding and awareness about NCDs in Uganda through a NCD communication strategy. We increase visibility of the Alliance through dissemination of information on NCDs at national, regional and global level. We also provide a comprehensive package of patient support for people living with NCDs. Our main objectives are:

  • Strengthen the capacity of the 3 member associations to provide support for appropriate NCD programmes;
  • Mobilise 60% of the resources for NCD prevention and control in Uganda;
  • Strengthen collaborations and partnerships for coordinated civil society efforts to accelerate NCD prevention and control in Uganda;
  • Promote more research to inform NCD programming for their prevention and control;
  • Strengthen monitoring and evaluation systems for UNCDA and partners to better assess the effectivenes of NCD programmes;
  • Provide patient support, such as facilitating free screening, counseling, and referral services for patients;
  • Train health workers, NCD survivors and other advocates on counseling, screening and advocacy matters;
  • Carry out large scale awareness campaigns using mass media, community and health facility-based outreach channels;
  • Convene key actors to build a strong national NCD movement by hosting roundtables and meetings.


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