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Global Thematic Consultation on Health

Co-led by WHO and UNICEF, and with the support of the governments of Sweden and Botswana, the high-level global thematic consultation on health in the post-2015 agenda took place 5-6 March 2013, in Botswana. This was one of 11 thematic consultations to help define the priorities of the future development agenda.

The consultation culminated in a High-Level Dialogue in Botswana on March 5-6th 2013. Around 50 high-level participants and experts joined the discussion, including government representatives, UN agencies, opinion leaders, NGOs, and  members of the UN High Level Panel.

Read our briefing on NCDs, global health, and development for the high-level dialogue in Botswana. 

The offical summary of the high-level dialogue can be found here.

Final report on Health in the post-2015 agenda

The final report of the global thematic consultation on health in the post-2015 development agenda was released April 2013. This report is a technical document, summarizing emerging themes and priorities for health in the future framework gathered from discussions. The report identifies NCDs as a priority for health in post-2015, with “reducing the burden of NCDs” proposed as one of the health goals for the post-2015 framework. It will be presented to the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons, to inform their recommendations to the Secretary General on health in the future development agenda. 

Click here to access the full final report.

During the consultation process, we have engaged throughout the development of the final report to ensure the that NCDs are included. 

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Background materials

Submissions by organizations in our networks on health in the post-2015 agenda can be downloaded on the left side of this page.

World We Want 2015
The UN has launched a global platform for stakeholders around the world to actively participate in the formulation of the future development agenda. The World We Want 2015, is open and inclusive, with dedicated spaces for each thematic priority, including health.

Global Thematic Consultation on Inequalities

The NCD Alliance has also contributed to the thematic consultations beyond health, including the global thematic consultation on inequalities. An NCDA paper on NCDs and inequalities was submitted to UN Women and UNICEF as background documentation for the consultation. Additionally, the NCD Alliance prepared a submission on indigenous peoples, inequalities, and NCDs. Submissions by organizations in our networks to other consultations can be downloaded on the left side of this page

Global Thematic Consultation on Food and Nutrition Security

The NCD Alliance submitted a contribution on the links between NCDs and food and nutrition security to the e-consultation on Hunger, Food, and Nutrition Security (co-led by FAO and WFP). This contribution contains the recommendation that a goal on hunger in the post-2015 agenda be to ensure adequate and healthy food for all.