Vietnam Non-communicable Diseases Prevention and Control Alliance
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Vietnam Non-communicable Diseases Prevention and Control Alliance (NCDs-VN)

Science Leads Our Way. Together We Can Beat NCDs.

The Vietnam Non-communicable Diseases Prevention and Control Alliance (NCDs-VN) takes action to advocate, promote and support the achievement of the 9 objectives for NCD prevention by 2025 in Vietnam, in accordance with WHO’s recommendations.

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About NCDs-VN

NCDs-VN was founded on July 14th, 2015. The alliance united 18 organisations and individuals, irrespective of their social background.

We share common goals and action plans, and we work on a voluntary basis, aiming for synergetic actions to promote the effectiveness supported by evidence of advancing NCD prevention in Vietnam.

Our mission is to ensure Vietnam keeps up with the progress in public health, medical science, political-economic-social developments and WHO’s recommendations on NCD prevention at global scale.

NCDs-VN work to advance the NCD agenda

NCDs-VN works for the progress of NCD prevention in Vietnam, and strengthens the capacity of its member organiations. We have empowered our member organisations and individuals to advocate effectively for NCD control policies through:

  • Training and establishing a good environment to share experiences in advocating for evidence-based NCD policy and practice;
  • Cooperation, by collecting and analysing data, developing scientific evidence and implementing policy, advocacy and communications strategies to promote our community to take action in the following priority areas:
  1. Tobacco control;
  2. Alcohol abuse prevention;
  3. Food safety promotion;
  4. Proper nutrition and physical activity for NCD prevention;
  5. Promoting the development and the implementation of preventive policies for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, mental disorders, and other NCDs;
  6. Supporting the development of “healthy communities” following WHO’s Best Buys, integrated within models for NCD control in rural and disadvantaged areas in Vietnam (i.e. we focus on encouraging environment-friendly behaviours in people, mitigating the effect of environmental pollution and promoting sustainable energies in Vietnam);
  7. Behavior change communication for the prevention and control of NCDs;
  8. Engaging people living NCDs in advocacy and policy.


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