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We envision a world where every person is protected by a strong public health system.

Vital Strategies works with governments and civil society in over 60 countries to bring evidence-based, data-driven solutions to the world’s most complex health challenges, including tobacco control, cardiovascular disease, obesity prevention, and more. Our efforts have reached more than 2 billion people and helped influence the 2016-2030 Global Agenda.

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About Vital Strategies

At its heart, Vital Strategies solves problems. We value speed, attention to details, decisions based on evidence, and an appreciation of the scale needed to solve health problems. We have built this organisation on the strong foundation of the accomplishments of our legacy organizations, World Lung Foundation and the Union North America.

We partner with governments to rapidly design and implement public health initiatives that bridge the gap between public health needs and solutions, especially in low- and middle- income countries. Our supported programs span a large range of NCD work focused on causes and the most common killers as well as well as road safety, air pollution and maternal health.

Vital Strategies work on NCDs

Resolve to Save Lives

Through Resolve to Save Lives, a $250 million global initiative led by Dr. Tom Frieden, the former Director of the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, we are working to prevent heart disease and stroke, the world’s leading cause of death. Fewer than one in six people in the world live in countries that have effective policies and programs in place to treat high blood pressure and reduce sodium and trans-fat intake. Resolve aims to save 100 million lives from early and easily preventable death through proven, cost-effective interventions.

Partnership for Healthy Cities

We’re also an implementing partner in the Partnership for Healthy Cities, an initiative co-sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the World Health Organization (WHO) that enables 54 cities around the world to deliver a smart, proven intervention of their own choice to prevent NCDs and injuries. These interventions are helping reduce salt intake, encouraging governments to increase taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages, and making cities more walkable, bikeable, healthier places to live.

Anti-tobacco Agenda

For ten years, we have also worked to grow and shape a global anti-tobacco agenda, taking on the effects of one of the main commercial determinants of health. As a main partner in the $1 billion Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use, we work to support the adoption of the proven WHO MPOWER policies in more than 40 countries, and help these countries adopt interventions from the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

Obesity Epidemic

Vital Strategies is also working in six countries to address the rising obesity epidemic, through policies that reduce the consumption of unhealthy products. We are also addressing environmental health issues including air pollution and unsafe drinking water by providing technical capacity and consultative services to meet the global burden of environmental risks and harms.


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