Map of Examples of Unhealthy Commodity Industry Responses to COVID-19


This map, updated weekly, shares examples crowdsourced from around the world of how unhealthy commodity industries have responded to the coronavirus pandemic in ways which could actually make people sick.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen examples of unhealthy commodity industry stakeholders - in the alcohol, tobacco, ultra processed food, drink and breastmilk substitute, gambling and gaming and fossil fuels industries - responding in a variety of ways.

Some of these industries' activities have raised eyebrows and concerns about products and practices fuelling the very underlying chronic conditions that are exacerbating death, disability and other social and societal harms from NCDs and coronavirus itself.

The report Signalling Virtue, Promoting Harm - Unhealthy commodity industries and COVID-19 documents a selection of examples from over 750 examples shared from over 90 countries during the early months of the pandemic. It was published in September 2020.

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This map shares some of the examples crowdsourced from around the world and will be updated.


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This initiative is led by NCD Alliance and the SPECTRUM Research Consortium

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