World Against Cancer

World Against Cancer Charitable Foundation

In order for Ukraine to live without cancer tomorrow, we need to act today. Join us now!

The goal of the Foundation is to reduce the burden of cancer in Ukraine during and after the war with the help of programs of prevention, screening, quality treatment and psychological rehabilitation, using modern medical technologies for this purpose.

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About World Against Cancer Charitable Foundation

The World Against Cancer Foundation is a non-profit charitable, educational and scientific organization registered in Ukraine in the first weeks of the war. We understand that due to the degradation of the economy, and the lack of state prevention and screening programs, the situation in Ukraine may become worse than it was before. The foundation's founders believe that it is necessary to immediately start studying the effect of wartime carcinogens on the population of Ukraine, to introduce primary prevention and cancer screening methods.

Today, there are always opportunities for the implementation of the project “Cancer Prevention and Screening in Ukraine during the War”. Soon we will have to solve many medical problems, including in the field of oncology. However, there are pressing issues that require our immediate action. The Foundation's founders believe they can build a world in Ukraine where cancer can be prevented or cured.

World Against Cancer Charitable Foundation's work on NCDs

Even before the war, on the territory of the Zaporozhye region (the frontline zone of the East of Ukraine), we developed algorithms and carried out pilot projects for cervical cancer screening by detecting HPV DNA and other sexually transmitted infections in women using the Self-sampling method, using the Qvintip test from the Swedish company Aprovix. We have also started a program for colon cancer screening with FIT tests, as well as lung cancer screening with LDCT.

Today, self-sampling technology for cancer screening is indispensable, since it does not require the intervention of medical workers at the stage of primary diagnosis. This allows mass surveys of the population, refugees and displaced persons affected by hostilities without diverting healthcare resources. The Foundation's employees constantly conduct training workshops with family doctors and the public on the topic of cancer prevention and screening. We applied for a HORIZON grant to organize a network of screening centres in Ukraine.

World Against Cancer has become part of large international networks including: ECO-ASCO Special Network: Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer; Prevention, Early Detection and Screening Network; and HPV Action Network, who have studied the effects of the war on the development of cancer in the population of Ukraine. The European Cancer Organization (ECO) has also supported the World Against Cancer's initiative and recommends that the WHO sets up a Best Buys program or similar initiative to help countries manage NCDs in wartime scenarios. World Against Cancer is engaged in the creation of the Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Alliance (UPRA), which will include the National Association of Oncologists of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Union of Clinical Oncology OncoHUB, the Ukrainian Association of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology, as well as research academic institutes and medical institutions united by a common the goal of combating cancer in Ukraine during the war and in the post-war period. The mission of the Alliance is to develop new strategies, attract partners and encourage investment to fight cancer in Ukraine during and after the war. The founders of the Foundation are planning to establish cooperation in the field of cancer prevention and screening with non-governmental and official government organizations, international foundations, businessmen, politicians, journalists, and private philanthropists.


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