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  • NCD Alliance February 2020 Webinar - 27/02/2020

    25th February 2020

    The first webinar of 2020 will provide an overview of WHO's Executive Board 146th session (including updates on cervical cancer elimination, alcohol control, eye care and involvement of non-state actors in WHO's governing bodies),  a recap of the Global NCD Alliance Forum 2020 and information about how to engage on World Obesity Day (4 March).

  • Release of second WHO HLC Report on NCDs - Statement by Commissioner Katie Dain

    11th December 2019

    Statement by Commissioner Katie Dain, CEO of the NCD Alliance, on the release of the second WHO Independent High Level Commission Report on NCDs.

  • NCD Alliance December 2019 Webinar - 18/12/2019

    10th December 2019

    The last webinar of 2019 will provide an update on WHO's Global Meeting on SDG target 3.4; outlook of WHO's next Executive Board session; including updated on the Global Strategy for Cervical Cancer Elimination & review of global alcohol strategy; update on PMAC; recap of 2019 and latest news on the Global NCDA Forum 2020.

  • NCD Alliance Webinar on Mental Health

    05th November 2019

    In this webinar, the NCD Alliance will bring together stakeholders in mental health policy, service provision, and campaigning fields, to share insights, perspectives, and opportunities for engagement in advancing progress on improving mental health for all.