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Be Proud of Your Mouth: Show your support for World Oral Health Day on 20 March!

15th March 2021

Every year on 20 March, World Oral Health Day unites oral health and NCD advocates, civil society, NCD voices and change-makers globally to call for good oral health for all. It is estimated that oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people, which makes it the most common health condition globally. If we act together, we can help reduce the burden of oral diseases and associated noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) worldwide.  

Be Proud of Your Mouth

This year on World Oral Health Day, many activities will be taking place to give people the expertise, resources, and confidence they need to maintain good oral health, contributing to their general health and being proud of their mouth!

An unhealthy mouth can lead to pain and other health conditions in the body. As recognised by the recent World Health Organization’s (WHO) Executive Board resolution on oral health,  poor oral health “has particular associations with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers, pneumonia, and premature birth”.

However, there are many ways to protect your mouth. Regular dental check-ups, brushing your teeth twice a day and eating a well-balanced diet low in free sugar are just some of the ways recommended by FDI World Dental Federation to maintain oral health.

Get involved! 

This year, there are many ways you can get involved! Virtual educational and online activities can help the global health community and youth groups learn more about oral health. As a member of civil society or a health professional, why not take some time to raise awareness?

  • Get involved on social media! If you’re interested in sharing your message or being a voice for collective action on oral health, World Oral Health Day’s campaign website allows you to create and share a personalised poster of your choice. Take a ‘selfie’ or photograph of yourself for either Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and get ready to share online! 
  • Encourage your colleagues, peers and champions in the global health community to share their story on social media as well! You can use ready-made messages or share your own here. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #MouthProud and #WOHD21 tagging @worldoralhealthday on Instagram. 

No matter how you choose to take part, show your support for World Oral Health Day! Together we can urge governments and policymakers to champion better oral health for all in 2021.