Promotion of Healthy Eating initiative in Argentina

Front-of-package warning labels soon to appear on shelves in Argentina

01st November 2021

In a session held 26 October, in the Chamber of Deputies of Buenos Aires and with 220 votes in favor, front-of-package warning labels became law in Argentina. This is a key measure to guarantee the consumer right to information, since it establishes the inclusion of labels that warn of excessive content of ingredients that are harmful to health on the front of the packages.

The "Promotion of Healthy Eating" initiative makes obligatory the inclusion of front-of-package warning labels in the shape of black octagons with the inscription "Excess in ..." to clearly warn about the excessive content of critical nutrients such as sugar, fat and / or sodium. In addition, it is based on the nutrient profile system of the Pan American Health Organization, which best corresponds to the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for the Argentine Population (GAPA).

The law also prohibits the sale in school environments of products that have a warning label as well as advertising directed to children and adolescents of these products. This measure is one of the most effective interventions to guarantee the right of consumers to be informed. In addition, it is the gateway for the promotion of other measures that seek to generate a healthier consumer environment.

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