Get ready for this year's Global Week for Action on NCDs!

07th July 2020

We are excited to share that the official two-month countdown to the 2020 Global Week for Action on NCDs from 7-13 September 2020 has begun! #ActOnNCDs 

This year is particularly special. From 2020, the Global Week for Action on NCDs will draw from the energy, inspiration, and determination generated since its first year, and add an extra dose of action-oriented optimism - with a brand new website and branding to reflect the evolution and future of the campaign

Despite our collective efforts, the pace of progress to 2025 is still too slow – too many people continue to confront NCDs and die avoidably. Earlier this year, the NCD Alliance consulted the global NCD civil society network to identify the biggest gaps to progress on NCDs. The top five gaps identified are detailed in the discussion paper Bridging the Gap; from global promises to local progress and accompanying NCD Civil Society Compass” are accountability, investment, leadership, community engagement and care.

Over the next five years, the refreshed Global Week for Action on NCDs campaign will focus on action to bridge these gaps, with each year dedicated to and highlighting each of the five gaps from now until the fourth UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs in 2025!

We've also revealed this year's campaign theme - ACCOUNTABILITY! 

During the closing plenary of the Global NCD Alliance Forum held in Sharjah, UAE earlier this year, Katie Dain, CEO NCD Alliance, announced the theme of the 2020 Global Week for Action on NCDs saying, “One of our pledges to take things forward from the Forum is to incorporate the lessons, energy the inspiration that we have witnessed from global to national and take forward our efforts on the civil society compass into our annual Global Week for Action for NCDs… we plan to lift these five big gaps into the Global Week for Action each year. We’re pleased to announce that the theme for 2020 will focus on accountability.”

Recognising the power and potential of the NCD movement, Dain continued:

“The golden thread that weaves across all of the gaps is the power of civil society and alliances at national, regional and global levels… and the power of collaboration across sectors. We all have different expertise and roles, and we need to work together.”

“We need to galvanise urgency, outrage, passion we have seen throughout the Forum… We have got the voices, the organisations, the expertise to do that… so let’s up the ante and say ‘let’s get on with it’.’’

The movement is primed and mobilised to push for progress.

We’re ready to #ActOnNCDs – Are you in? Stay tuned for more updates, resources and our new branding! Watch this space