Global Nutrition Report 2015: Call for submissions on nutrition country profiles

17th February 2015

The Global Nutrition Report 2014 published 193 Nutrition Country Profiles, capturing the status and progress of all UN Member States.

Nutrition Country Profiles include over 80 indicators detailing child, adolescent, and adult anthropometry and nutritional status, as well as intervention coverage, food supply, economics, and demography.

This tool needs to be particularly useful for nutrition champions at the country-level, as it presents a wide range of evidence needed to assess country progress in improving nutrition and nutrition-related outcomes. Nutrition Country Profiles are available here and a Global Nutrition Profile is available here.

In anticipation of the Global Nutrition Report 2015, a country-by-country series of short case studies on the profiles is launched.  They will reflect on the stories the profiles tell, compare them with the reality
they see, offer ideas for using the profiles and ways of making them more useful. Successful case study submissions will be published periodically on the Global Nutrition Report website.

This Call for Submissions for case studies to the 193 Nutrition Country Profiles should respond to the following areas utilising the country profile data:

1. Understanding the nature and distribution of malnutrition within the

2. Identifying opportunities for action to accelerate improvements in

3. Identifying key data gaps that need to be filled

4. Ways of using nutrition data to engage decision makers in your country

For more details on the review criteria and submission details, please
click here.

 The deadline for submissions is 1 April, 2015.