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NCD Alliance enters into official relations with the WHO

06th February 2023

Today, at the 152nd session of the Executive Board meetings, the 34 members of the World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Board voted to grant the NCD Alliance (NCDA) official relations status with WHO.

“Official relations” is a privilege that the Executive Board may grant to international NGOs and other non-state actors that have had and continue to have a sustained and systematic engagement in the interest of the Organization.

“Since the NCD Alliance was founded in 2009, we have enjoyed a close and productive relationship with WHO at all levels of the organisation. On behalf of our 380 members, we welcome this formal recognition of our role, work and impact. And we look forward to continuing to work side-by-side toward the advancement of the global NCD agenda and its integration with other global health and sustainable development priorities”, said Anne Lise Ryel, President of the NCD Alliance.

The NCD Alliance is the only international NGO in official relations with WHO whose mission is focused on the broad NCD agenda. The relationship will complement the strong ties between WHO and international NGOs leading on the specific NCD diseases and risk factors, many of whom are NCDA members.

NCDA’s official relations status with WHO is based on a three-year collaboration plan, which supports WHO’s General Programme of Work and the three “one billion” targets, as well as delivery of the WHO Global Action Plan for NCDs 2013–2030 and the global NCD targets. Planned collaborative activities include the provision of technical input, capacity-building, advocacy and awareness-raising, and tracking progress on NCDs.

“The next three years are critical in getting the global NCD response back on track after COVID-19. We need decisive action ahead of the UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs in 2025, and continued momentum well beyond. For these reasons, our official relations status is timely and underscores WHO’s leadership and commitment to the NCD agenda”, said Katie Dain, CEO of the NCD Alliance.