Community health workers © 2009 Vivian Ben Obiagwu_Bethel Viva Foundation, Courtesy of Photoshare
Community health workers © 2009 Vivian Ben Obiagwu_Bethel Viva Foundation, Courtesy of Photoshare

NCDA calls for NCD Alliances' innovative case studies

15th October 2019

The NCD Alliance (NCDA) opens a call for NCD alliances to submit innovative case studies to be featured in NCDA's ‘Bridging the Gap on NCDs through Civil Society Action’ publication.

NCDA is preparing a publication named ‘Bridging the Gap on NCDs through Civil Society Action: Initiatives from National and Regional NCD Alliances’, to be launched at the third Global NCD Alliance Forum, held in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates from 9-11 February 2020. We are excited to announce a call for submissions of case studies showcasing impactful initiatives led by national and regional NCD alliances, members of NCDA.

The case studies are to be innovative, recent and illustrate how civil society is contributing to bridge the gap in meeting national, regional and global targets and commitments relating to NCD prevention and control. They need to reflect one or more of the following three Forum sub-themes: 

  1. Saving lives through transformative policies and solutions 
  2. Building demand through transformative social movements and voices of change
  3. Enhancing accountability through transformative and inclusive governance

One additional benefit from submitting case studies, aside from being included in the publication, is the fact that the 3 highest rated case studies of NCDA full-member alliances will receive an award at the Global NCD Alliance Forum 2020 (one per sub-theme). An independent advisory committee will review and select the case studies qualifying for inclusion in the publication based on specific criteria (coordination, innovation, results, and replicability). The top-rated case studies per sub-theme will be selected for the publication.

Submit your case studies here latest by Friday 01 November 2019 (6pm UK time)

Please check the submissions webform for the full description of the selection and rating criteria. If you have any questions about this call for submissions, please contact [email protected]