NCD Atlas - cover image © NCD Alliance
NCD Atlas © NCD Alliance

New NCD Atlas highlights civil society action

10th February 2020

Launched at the third Global NCD Alliance Forum, the updated NCD Atlas shares views of global civil society and highlights top initiatives to combat noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).

How does global NCD civil society assess the efforts made in the last decade to advance the NCD agenda and what are national and regional alliances themselves doing to bridge the gaps that have emerged? Those questions are addressed in the 2020 NCD Atlas - ‘Bridging the Gap on NCDs through Civil Society Action: Initiatives from National and Regional NCD Alliances’
Released at the Global NCDA Forum in Sharjah today, the new publication provides updated information on NCD alliances by presenting the results of an online survey, and offering a snapshot of their current status and growth. In addition, it assesses alliances’ views and perspectives on the enablers and barriers for governments and civil society to achieve global NCD targets, as well as their key priorities and recommendations to bridge the gap on NCDs.
For example, although 62% of countries have indicators for national NCD targets, only 18% of NCD alliances believe their country has sufficient accountability mechanisms to ensure targets are actually met.
The NCD Atlas also highlights 11 case studies from alliances worldwide showcasing initiatives that have contributed to bridging the gap in meeting NCD targets. These cases fall under three categories: advocating and adopting transformative policies and solutions, building NCD social movements, and enhancing accountability mechanisms.
Finally, to boost NCD civil society and to accelerate action on NCDs, the NCD Atlas presents a set of recommendations to national and regional NCD alliances, international organisations, governments, and the NCD Alliance.