UHC Day 2020
©️ UHC Day 2020 Campaign Toolkit 

On UHC Day, Protect Everyone - Now!

01st December 2020

Universal Health Coverage Day #UHCDay takes places on Saturday 12 December 2020. It will bring the global health community together to call for strong health systems that Protect Everyone – now. This year, COVID-19 has shown the importance of resilient health systems and universal access to care. 

How to get involved

This year’s campaign will culminate in a 24-hour virtual rally on 12 December. While our UHC activism may look different due to COVID-19, we can show that collective action is still possible and here to stay. Stand with the movement and show your solidarity by using the messages, graphics and resources in this year's Campaign Toolkit, get involved on social media using #UHCDay #ProtectEveryone #ActOnNCDs or take a social distancing walk in the spirit of Health for All solidarity. Don't forget to tag @UHC_Day and @UHC2030 on Twitter! 

Create! Amplify! Move! 

Interested in sharing your message or being a voice for collective action on UHC? Anyone can join! Why not make a virtual rally “sign” inspired by the Protect Everyone theme, take a picture or a selfie in a face mask and post it on 12 December using the #ProtectEveryone hashtag.

If your local social distancing guidelines and COVID-19 guidance allows, hit the streets on UHC Day in any way you can in the spirit of Health for All solidarity. Bring a face mask and take a short video or photo of yourself walking, running, or however, you are able to be active. Post it on social media with a message on why you’re moving to raise awareness of the need to #ProtectEveryone. More information can be found here

UHC and NCDs 

#UHCDay: Why is it important for noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)? According to the WHO, did you know that half of people living with diabetes do not have access to the Insulin they need to survive and that, in some populations, over 60% of people living with NCDs have experienced catastrophic health expenditure?  

We'll be discussing this further in our UHC Day dialogue event on Tuesday 8 December with The Helmsley Charitable Trust. Join us as we explore ways to improve momentum and accountability on UHC and NCD commitments! Click here to register.