School girls and women-driven prevention and advocacy for improved reproductive health and NCDs

14th July 2019

Current efforts in the area of reproductive health could constitute a strategic entry point for accelerating NCD prevention and control. The links between reproductive health and NCDs can indeed allow us to seek for common solutions and a more integrated response.

Intended as an initial venture, the Tanzania NCD Alliance (TANCDA) is starting to explore the potential of integrating NCD prevention and control activities into existing local and national awareness programmes for reproductive health (RH).

It will be the first step in addressing the growing problem of NCDs from a new angle whilst benefitting from our extensive experience in Tanzania.

This project will empower school girls and women affected by or at risk of developing an RH-related NCD to become advocates and change agents in their local communities. This intervention aims to lay the foundations for future crosscutting projects that can support and improve the life trajectory for many girls and women who are at risk of developing RH-related NCDs.

Even though NCDs are becoming more and more prevalent and life threatening to mothers and children, control measures are not incorporated systematically into reproductive health programs. This alarming tendency does not only justify the relevance of the project, but it also points to the urgent need of an intervention working towards ensuring that no mother or child dies prematurely from a preventable RH-related NCD.