Cancer, lung disease, heart disease, stroke…these are just a few of the potential consequences of tobacco use. Nowadays, these effects are widely known. Yet in Indonesia, 33% of people aged 15 and up and over 9% aged 10 to 18, still choose to smoke – and these numbers are rising.

The tobacco industry heavily targets Indonesian youth, which in turn contributes to rampant peer pressure to light up. But some young people are taking a stand. The short documentary Stubbing it out, tells the story of truly courageous youth who are dedicated to talking with their peers about the dangers of tobacco, and changing the common perspective among kids and teens that smoking is cool. 

See how these Peer Educators, through the Astra Zeneca Young Health Programme, are making a difference in the lives of other young people and in the future of their communities. They are living proof that individuals – of any age – are able to fight back against the tobacco industry and make a difference.

The microdocumentary is part of “Turning the Tide” mini-series, produced by BBC StoryWorks and NCD Alliance. Made of 26 films from 24 countries, the series looks at the much needed work of individuals, institutions and communities across the world to prevent and control noncommunicable diseases. A collaboration across public, private and non-profit health and developments sectors, Turning the Tide can be viewed here