World Cancer Day 2024

World Cancer Day 2024: a global call to Close the Care Gap

30th January 2024

World Cancer Day is organised every 4 February and led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). It serves as a catalyst to enhance awareness and understanding of cancer, while also advocating for proactive measures to prevent, detect and treat this disease. The event has evolved into one of the most widely celebrated health awareness days worldwide.

The current World Cancer Day theme is 'Close the care gap', now in its third and final year. This campaign focuses on addressing issues of equity in cancer care, rallying individuals, organisations, and governments alike to address the disparities that hinder access to essential cancer services for many people, due to age, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic situation or geographical location. Even when these services are available, many individuals encounter barriers in obtaining the care they require.

In 2024, the primary objective is to engage world leaders and ask them to adopt strategies aimed at rectifying inequities and allocate resources to ensure that no one dies from a preventable and treatable cancer.

Key Highlights for World Cancer Day 2024

  • Global Call to Action: Health ministers across the globe will receive a resounding call to action, drawing their attention to specific measures they can implement to reduce common barriers to cancer care in their respective countries.
  • World Cancer Day Equity Report: This comprehensive report will delineate recommended actions and provide local insights from current and former UICC Board Members, offering perspectives on inequities in cancer care across regions including Europe, Southeast Asia, Western Pacific, Eastern Mediterranean, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.
  • Global Awareness Activities: Hundreds of events will take place globally, generating support for more equitable cancer care.
  • Landmarks Illuminated: Iconic landmarks around the world will be bathed in the colours of World Cancer Day – orange and blue.

Available Resources for Download

  • Press materials, including factsheets on World Cancer Day and the Close the Care Gap campaign, the global cancer context, antimicrobial resistance, and commercial determinants of health such as tobacco, alcohol, and ultra-processed foods, which contribute to nearly half of all cancer deaths.
  • A wide range of branded materials, including a toolkit, customisable poster generator, how-to guides, infographics, and factsheets, will be available for individuals and organisations to personalise and utilise for raising awareness and promoting their activities connected to World Cancer Day.
  • Social media graphics and video resources.

Last year's World Cancer Day campaign witnessed over 850 activities and events taking place in more than 100 countries. Notably, 125 iconic landmarks worldwide were illuminated in support, and more than 60 governments marked the occasion. The hashtag #WorldCancerDay trended globally on Twitter throughout the day. Over 20,000 press mentions and more than 430,000 social media posts were shared, including by prominent figures from government and the entertainment industry. Additionally, more than 95,000 campaign materials were downloaded from the website, with 11,500 Instagram filters in use, and hundreds of individuals participated in the World Cancer Day 5k Challenge.