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Norwegian Cancer Society

The Norwegian Cancer Society (NCS) is a nation-wide, non-profit voluntary organisation established in 1938. Donors and members, as well as corporate sponsors, support the Society’s work.

Representing the voice of those affected by cancer in Norway, Norwegian Cancer Society is a watchdog, an advocate and a service provider working to ensure that fewer people develop cancer; that more people survive cancer when diagnosed; and that cancer patients and their relatives maintain the best possible quality of life.

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About NCS

The Norwegian Cancer Society represents the voices of those affected by cancer. In 2017, the organisation had 118 000 members, 25 000 volunteers and 190 employees, who are all dedicated to promoting cancer cause.

This broad support makes us the leading cancer NGO in Norway and contributes to a focused effort in the areas of research funding, cancer care, cancer prevention, cancer information and international collaboration.

Our main objectives are to:

  • Contribute to ensure that fewer people develop cancer (reduction of the prevalence and incidence of cancer)
  • Contribute to more people surviving cancer
  • Ensure the best quality of life for people affected by cancer (cancer patients and their relatives)

Through the years, NCS has introduced or established a number of vital measures and tools, including mammography programmes, the Norwegian Cancer Registry, nationwide hospital-based care centres for patients and their families, and cancer navigators in the municipalities. We continue to be a driver for change to the better for cancer patients, their friends and relatives.

NCS also cooperates with and funds fourteen voluntary patients’ associations nationwide. They provide patient care, recreation and information services to their members and play a key role in influencing local authorities and health personnel.

NCS work on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)

We are conscious that cancer control go hand in with addressing NCDs. Hence, ahead of the UN High Level Meeting on NCDs in 2011, we established the Norwegian NCD-alliance together with our sister organisations representing those affected by Diabetes, CVD and Chronic Lung Diseases.

The NCD alliance co-wrote the national NCD plan with the government, the first one to be launched as a response to the 2013 GAP. In the follow up, our collaborative national efforts are concentrated around supporting the implementation through campaigns in support of the prioritized preventive measures.

NCS advocates and runs campaigns for early detection (bowel cancer, HPV screening) and prevention (immunisation against cervical cancer), we address NCD risk factors (tobacco, nutrition, physical activity) through information, education, policy work, thus fulfilling our triple roles as a civil society organisation: watchdog, advocacy and service delivery.

On the global scene, we advocate for NCDs and cancer prevention and control to have a more prominent place in Norwegian efforts to address global health. With our main focus still on tobacco control and implementation of the WHO FCTC, we were among the very first organisations to engage in tobacco control activities with African partners.

NCS participates to national and international negotiation process and conferences for the prevention and control of NCDs and cancer. We are represented at global health policy discussion arenas. The Norwegian Cancer Society was represented in government delegations to the High Level meetings on NCDs in 2011 and 2014, including preparatory meetings, and continues to work closely with the national government to ensure that Norway fulfils commitments made through international negotiations and the national NCD strategy.

NCS provides technical and financial support to NCD work in other countries/regions through networking for knowledge exchange, skill transfer and information sharing.


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