Leaving no one behind: Ensuring inclusive NCD responses

Leaving no one behind: Ensuring inclusive NCD responses <
Published 10th December 2021
Author NCD Alliance, Merck


In this policy brief, a spotlight is put on endocrine health and case studies are provided on thyroid disorders and kidney disease. The brief summarises key takeaways from a global survey carried out to further understand the impact of this wider range of NCDs. 

Tackling NCDs requires an approach that is tailored to people, rather than diseases. This entails a fundamental paradigm shift in the way healthcare is designed and delivered. This brief presents recommendations to ensure more inclusive NCD responses. 
This policy brief is part of the NCD Alliance series on an inclusive NCD agenda and complements the discussion paper entitled The need for a person-centred, inclusive NCD agenda and the publication Towards an inclusive NCD agenda: A Collection of lived experiences from around the world.