NCDA Organisational Conflict of Interest Policy

NCDA Organisational Conflict of Interest Policy <
Published 31st May 2022
Author NCD Alliance


The NCD Alliance’s vision, mission and organisational structure propels and obliges the organisation to engage and partner with a wide range of people and organisations who share its goals - including member organisations, international agencies, governments, NGOs, academia, foundations, relevant private sector entities, and the general public. It is NCDA’s belief that making prevention and control of NCDs a priority on a global scale demands a whole of society response, with engagement from a range of relevant sectors and organisation. Furthermore, as a global alliance and membership-based organisation with a mission to unite and strengthen civil society to stimulate action on NCDs, engagement and partnership has always been in the DNA of NCDA’s approach and work. 

The purpose of this Organisational Conflict of Interest Policy is to protect the integrity and reputation of NCDA by ensuring the identification, management, and mitigation of actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest across the organisation. It provides a comprehensive framework that guides NCDA’s various forms of engagements and partnerships with a broad range of external organisations, from informal engagements to developing and maintaining formal partnerships with financial commitments. It outlines processes and procedures to manage the actual, potential or perceived COI that might arise across these different types of engagements, preventing inappropriate or potentially damaging engagements from developing. It is intended to protect NCDA’s integrity, to promote its goals and to enhance public, stakeholder and donor confidence in NCDA and those associated with it.