Short Course: NCDs and Human Rights

Short Course: NCDs and Human Rights
Published 22nd June 2017
Author University of Southern California


The course is divided into six sessions and includes lectures, background documents, and resources.

  • Session 1: NCD Basics

  • Session 2: HRs in Relation to NCD Prevention & Control

  • Session 3: Potential Approaches to Using HRs in NCD Prevention & Control

  • Session 4: Operationalizing the Linkages between NCD and HRs-Entry Points for Engagement

  • Session 5: Translating HRs Principles fro, the HIV Epidemic to NCDs

  • Session 6: Breastfeeding and Baby Formulas: A Question of Health and HRs

  • Session 7: Conclusion

Lecturers include Dr. Laura Ferguson (USC), Professor Sofia Gruskin (USC), David Patterson (International Development Law Organization), and Marcus Stahlhofer (World Health Organization).