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tobacco control

  • What You Need To Know About World No Tobacco Day

    30th May 2022

    NCD Alliance is supporting World No Tobacco Day on 31 May – highlighting the determintal impacts of tobacco on the environment, economies, public health and noncommunicable diseases.

  • World No Tobacco Day

    28th April 2022

    This annual campaign, driven by WHO, informs the public on the dangers of using tobacco, the business practices of tobacco companies, what WHO is doing to fight against the use of tobacco and what people around the world can do to claim their right to health to protect future generations.

  • Webinar: Successes and Challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean

    05th October 2021

    This year, South American countries achieved a dramatic landmark in public health: The citizens of every South American country are now protected from the dangers of secondhand smoke. Join Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids to hear directly from advocates about how tobacco control movements have succeeded in strengthening tobacco control policies in Latin America and the Caribbean countries—and what challenges still lie ahead. 

  • Get involved in World No Tobacco Day 2021!

    28th May 2021

    31 May is World No Tobacco Day. Find out how you can get involved to help prevent up to 8 million deaths each year from tobacco use!