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Benchmarking Tool

Benchmarking toolkit to support NCD civil society efforts

As part of the NCD Alliance's program Strengthening Health Systems, Supporting NCD Action, generously funded by Medtronic Philanthropy, the NCD Alliance is pleased to launch “Noncommunicable Diseases: Join the Fight” - an online advocacy toolkit aimed at supporting civil society’s national and regional NCD advocacy efforts.

The toolkit showcases good practices, lessons learnt, and recommendations to support NCD advocacy at national and regional levels. The toolkit was informed by interviews with NCD advocates in all regions, drawing upon the experiences and case studies of the growing number of national and regional NCD alliances.

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The online advocacy toolkit offers tips, links to helpful resources and expert content in three main areas:

  1. Working in an advocacy alliance
  2. Influencing and monitoring NCD policy and practice
  3. Holding governments accountable

Drawing upon the experiences of accountability efforts of other health and development communities, the toolkit includes a template Civil Society NCD Status Report and a benchmarking exercise, which can be used by NCD NGOs and NCD alliances to assess their government’s progress in implementing political commitments.

The NCD Alliance encourages advocates worldwide to use the toolkit and to develop your own Civil Society NCD Status Report. The online advocacy toolkit can be found here.

Please share any feedback you have on the toolkit with us at [email protected], as well as examples of how the toolkit is supporting your NCD advocacy efforts.

Program Details

The new NCD Alliance program ‘Strengthening Health Systems, Supporting NCD Action’ is designed to build the capacity of NCD civil society, to monitor national progress on NCDs and advocate for improved NCD policies and the strengthening of health systems. This program, funded by Medtronic Philanthropy, will award more than $300,000 USD over two years to local partners in Brazil, South Africa, and the Caribbean region to build networks of action, conduct national level research and analysis to monitor progress on NCDs and identify gaps, develop dialogue with governments and other key stakeholders, and advocate for improved NCD policies, programs and health systems strengthening.

The funding for national partners comes from a 2-year, $600,000 USD grant from Medtronic Philanthropy that continues an ongoing strategic commitment from the company to help reduce the global burden of NCDs, which began by supporting the NCD Alliance’s contributions to the historic 2011 United Nations High-Level Meeting on NCDs.

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National Implementing Partners

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