First Global NCD Alliance Forum, November 2015, Sharjah (UAE). © Gilberto Lontro / IOF

The timing of the Forum was crucial, taking place immediately after the adoption of the new UN post-2015 development agenda which will replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The inclusion of NCDs in the post-2015 agenda provides a significant opportunity for the NCD civil society community, demanding a shift in focus to both advocacy and accountability.

The Global NCD Alliance Forum 2015 focused on three key areas, under the banner theme:

“NCD Advocacy and Accountability in the Post-2015 Era”:

Advocacy and accountability – translating global commitments to national and regional action on NCDs.

Organisational development – ensuring national and regional NCD alliances are well-equipped to drive change.

Partnerships for success – twinning between alliances and partnerships across other stakeholders to maximise impact.