© Gilberto Lontro / IOF: Global NCD Alliance Forum 2015, Sharjah (UAE).

The Global NCD Alliance Forum 2015 objectives were to: 

  • To convene the network of national/regional NCD alliances for the first time to share experiences, lessons learnt, challenges, priorities and good practice in joint NCD advocacy efforts and multisectoral partnerships.
  • To strengthen the capacity of the network of national and regional NCD alliances to advocate effectively and hold decision makers accountable
  • To develop common advocacy objectives for national and regional alliances aligned with existing global NCD commitments (e.g. UN Political Declaration and WHO Global NCD Action Plan) and forthcoming opportunities (e.g. Outcomes of the UN NCD Review and Assessment, Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals).
  • To stimulate cross-country networking and collaboration in NCD advocacy.