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  • The Bottom Billion and NCDs: Claudine Manizabayo's story

    Announcements  |  28th February 2011

    Claudine Manizabayo was suffering from shortness of breath and a cough. At first, doctors mistook her symptoms for asthma. Then a clinical team specializing in non-communicable diseases examined her and came back with a different diagnosis--heart failure. In affluent countries like the United States, the symptoms and the diagnosis are feared and familiar among the elderly and people with coronary artery disease. Claudine is only 18. In poor countries like Rwanda, where she grew up in a family of farm laborers, heart failure often afflicts the young and the destitute.

  • Center for Strategic and International Studies Launches Key Report on UN Summit

    Announcements  |  23rd February 2011

    The Center for Strategic and International Studies has launched a key report on the September 2011 UN NCD Summit.

  • Global Health Council Launches New Roundtable on Non-Communicable Diseases with The NCD Alliance and The American Cancer Society

    Announcements  |  02nd February 2011

    The transitioning global disease burden now means a world where the majority of mortality is a re

  • UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon calls for an international commitment for NCDs

    Announcements  |  28th January 2011

    27 January 2011 – With non-communicable diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart disease accounting for 60 per cent of all deaths, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on the world's businesses leaders to help curb the risk factors behind a scourge that is expected to increase by half in developing countries by 2030.

  • UN Member States unanimously adopt Modalities Resolution ahead of the UN Summit on NCDs on September 2011

    Announcements  |  07th January 2011

    On 23rd December 2010, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted a UN Modalities Resolution outlining the length, details and agenda of the UN Summit on Non- Communicable Diseases (NCDs), which will take place on 19–20th September 2011 in New York. 

  • NCD Alliance takes 'The Elephant in the Room' to major EU Development Conference

    Announcements  |  06th December 2010

    Brussels, Belgium 06 December 2010 NCDs cause 60% of all global deaths, but receive just 2.3% of international development assistance for health. 80% of deaths caused by NCDs occur in developing countries. Yet, the international community displays no sense of urgency or outrage about NCDs, the silent killer that is threatening development and economic progress.

  • NCD Alliance Presidents Make a Joint Call To Action in The Lancet

    Announcements  |  16th November 2010

    In a comment linked to the newly launched Lancet 3rd Series on Chronic Diseases and Development,

  • Argentina anti-tobacco program receives global Heart Hero Award

    Announcements  |  16th November 2010

    Olavarría: Tobacco Free City, a city-run tobacco advocacy, education, and support program, was presented with the globally-recognized Louise Lown Heart Hero Award from ProCor. Olavarría, a city of 120,000 people 350km south of Buenos Aires, faces an uphill battle in its fight against tobacco: Argentina has the second highest smoking prevalence in all of Central and South America. According to local health data, one-third of adults in Olavarría use tobacco and almost half of the mortality rate is attributed to chronic diseases such as hypertension, stroke, and cancer.