Coca-Cola sponsoring COP27 and diabetes
Andriy Nekrasov

COP27: Open letter calls on UN climate agency to drop Coca-Cola

11th November 2022

Together with 59 other health organisations from around the world, NCD Alliance has co-signed an open letter to Simon Stiell, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), to voice our objections to Coca-Cola’s sponsorship of COP27.

The letter followed the announcement that Coca-Cola, a leading plastic polluter, will sponsor this years' COP27. In addition to the negative impact on the climate, the company`s products, particularly sugary bevarages, contribute to a mounting obesity epidemic that is linked to many chronic diseases (noncommunicable diseases, or NCDs), such as heart diseases and diabetes. It`s paramaount to limit the influence of health-harming industries from global strategic negotiations which are supposed to help achieve milestones on the way to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including Goal 3.4 which aims to bend the curve on NCDs by 2030.

"Coca-Cola is a de-facto sponsor of the obesity epidemic causing diabetes and other NCDs. Global climate and public health decisions made at COP27 and similar fora should not be clouded by greenwashing," says Katie Dain, CEO of NCD Alliance. 

The open letter calls on UNFCC to develop and enforce robust mechanisms to mitigate corporate capture and limit and manage conflicts of interest and undue influence arising from, for example, the association of companies such as Coca-Cola with COP27. Only then can we ensure that public interest and evidence-based policymaking and commitments prevail in these and future negotiations. Addressing both the climate crisis and the obesity and undernutrition epidemic is urgent.

Read the full open letter and list of signatories