"Nuestros niños son primero" (Our children first). Public campaign by Alianza por la Salud Alimentaria, Mexico

Junk food publicity directed to children is illegal, says Brazil's Federal Supreme Court

03rd May 2017

In another historic decision, the Second Chamber of the Superior Justice Court ratified on Tuesday 25 April that publicity directed at children is abusive, and therefore illegal, and maintained a fine of over R$305,000 against Sadia by the São Paulo Consumer Bureau in 2009.

The deliberation took place during the trial of the ‘Mascotes Sadia’ (Sadia Mascots) campaign, launched during the 2007 Pan-American Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In the campaign, children collected stamps found in the brand’s products and, with an additional R$3.00, could purchase stuffed animals.

The verdict corroborates the previously unprecedented decision from March 10, 2016 that, for the same reasons, convicted the company Pandurata, owner to the rights to the Bauducco brand, for their ‘É hora de Shrek’ (It’s Shrek time) campaign.

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