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New resource page on Covid-19 and NCDs

28th March 2020

As the pandemic of COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, we are seeing countless lives lost, inequalities exacerbated, deep vulnerabilities in our health systems exposed, and a fundamental change in how we work, live and interact.

At the NCD Alliance, we have been particularly worried and alarmed by the impact COVID-19 is having upon our community and constituency - people living with NCDs. The evidence from multiple countries at the epicentre of the pandemic clearly shows that people living with NCDs are more vulnerable to COVID-19, and are also at substantially higher risk of becoming severely ill or dying from the virus.

We will do everything within our capacity to raise our voices for the rights of people living with NCDs, older people and marginalized groups, and to share information and guidance to protect each other. In full solidarity and alignment with the World Health Organization (WHO), and in collaboration with our members, supporters and 65 national and regional NCD alliances, our contribution will be to provide an NCD lens to this fast-moving health security challenge. We are therefore keen to share information, resources and good practice across our network during this outbreak, both in terms of the data and the response required.


Watch this space as we continue to collate information. We also encourage you to share via this webform relevant resources and tools. As ever, the power of the NCD movement is in our collective expertise and experience.