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Tanzania NCD Alliance launches new Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs

30th November 2021

The Tanzania Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs was developed as a result of the consultations involving voices of people with lived experiences of NCDs, conducted in July and August 2021. The Tanzania Advocacy Agenda was built through community conversations, focus group discussions and in-depth interviews, reaching about 213 people living with a wide range of NCDs from different regions across Tanzania, such as Arusha, Dodoma, Dsm, Iringa, Kagera, Kilimanjaro, Mafinga, Mara, Mbeya, Morogoro, and Mtwara. The Tanzania advocacy agenda was launched in November 2021

The Tanzania Advocacy Agenda calls for the highest level of political, social, and economic support to put the needs of people living with NCDs at the center of NCD policy and practice in Tanzania.

This Tanzania Advocacy Agenda serves to strengthen the NCD response at national, regional, and global levels. It is a reference to be used by civil society organizations and people living with NCDs to urge decision makers to take action, to meet agreed upon global and national NCD targets, and to put people first. It can be used strategically according to each setting and the NCD advocacy opportunities that present themselves.

The launch was officiated by Dr Omary Ubuguyu, Director for Curative services from ministry of health, Dr James Kiologwe, assistant Director NCDs from Ministry of Health. Prof Andrew Swai, TANCDA chairman and Dr Tatizo Waane TANCDA treasurer were also present during the launch of the The Tanzania Advocacy Agenda of people living with NCDs.

During the launch, People living with NCDs highlighted their key asks for various stakeholders including the Government, Ministry of Health, TANCDA board members, healthcare professionals, civil society organizations, patients associations and people living with NCDs in four key areas: human rights and social justice; prevention; treatment, care and support and meaningful involvement.

The guest of honor commended people living with NCDs for the great efforts but also appreciated the efforts of Tanzania NCD Alliance in building the capacity of people living with NCDs and support them during the development of the advocacy agenda.

“All the concerns and asks have been accepted and we will work on them, but I urge you to stay united and raise your voices as one, walk together and reach far”

In the end, the Assistant Director for NCDs from the Ministry of Health Malawi urged that people living with NCDs should have legal association with the leadership. This would mean that they would be responsible for overseeing the affairs of people living with NCDs, and also representing them in meetings concerning their wellbeing.