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World Obesity Day calls on every body to get involved!

01st March 2021

Each year, 4 March marks World Obesity Day, and in 2021 it is calling on every body to take part in building happier, healthier and longer lives for everybody.

This year for World Obesity Day, there are lots of ways to get involved and help raise awareness, share experiences, and improve policies around obesity and its roots and risk factors. To get some inspiration and find out what kind of activities are going on around the world, check out the Stories page on the World Obesity Day campaign website. There, you can see plenty of events taking place, publications released, and photos and stories being shared.

If you are living with obesity or working with people with obesity, you can also share your own story. This can make a real difference to inspire others and motivate action! Stories should bring the Roots of Obesity to life or showcase examples of great local work being done by policymakers.

Another way to show your support on World Obesity Day is to take an ‘O’ For Obesity selfie and share it using the World Obesity Day social media assets. Be sure to also use the #WorldObesityDay hashtag. 

As we’ve seen this past year, obesity has strong links to severe symptoms from COVID-19. It is also a major risk factor for various NCDs and other chronic conditions. That means, if we are to achieve a healthier world for everybody, we need every body to do their part this year!