NCDA Annual Report 2019

NCDA Annual Report 2019 <
Published 16th November 2020
Author NCD Alliance


In 2019, the NCD Alliance celebrated our ten year anniversary. We have come a long way since our formation in 2009. NCDA’s strength has come through building bridges, working across sectors as broad as nutrition, the environment, and women and children’s health to break down the silos for an integrated approach to better health and greater equality for people around the world. We’ve faced many challenges along the way, and we will no doubt continue to do so – but our perseverance and determination has yielded significant successes. 

Among our greatest achievements in 2019, has been the continuous growth of alliances – of which there are now 65! And out of 65 alliances in our network, 53 are already members, with more joining soon.  2019 has been the NCD Alliance’s most successful year from a partnership perspective not only in the number of partners engaged, but also in diversifying to new sectors, such as foundations. As always, these achievements are only possible with the dedication of our global network, our members, supporters and advisers, and the dedicated NCDA team. 

The 2019 annual report provides a snapshot of the activities and achievements of NCDA and our extensive constituency. It also includes a summary of financial statements. The report serves as a testament and heartfelt thank you to our community as we move ever closer towards meeting our common goal: to reduce the NCD burden for people everywhere.

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