The Philippines national NCD investment

The Philippines national NCD investment <
Published 20th September 2023
Author NCD Alliance, UNDP


The investment approach taken by WHO, UNDP, and the UNIATF on NCDs is crucial in generating needed whole-of-government buy-in as demonstrated in the Philippines, and includes the strengthening of policies and regulations, improving access to health services, and further developing sustainable financing mechanisms. The Philippine experience shows that investing in NCD responses can generate significant economic and health benefits, illustrating the effectiveness and feasibility of the implementation of these measures in other LMICs.

Key Messages:

  • Fiscal measures are successful in generating revenue and reducing consumption of unhealthy commodities.
  • Revenue from fiscal measures can – and should – be used to fund UHC initiatives and expand healthcare access for the poor and ultra-poor.
  • Government action and political leadership is needed to reprioritise health and finance national benefits packages to make meaningful change.