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urban environments

  • Air Pollution

    22nd September 2022

    Air pollution is the world’s largest single environmental health risk, with over 90% of the global population living with unsafe levels of air pollution. It is estimated to cause at least 7 million deaths every year worldwide, with some estimates ranging much higher, and 80% of these deaths are due to NCDs.

  • Making streets safer across the United States

    11th February 2019

    As part of their mission to be a relentless force for a world of longer healthier lives, the American Heart Association supports cities and states in the U.S. making policy changes for healthier communities, like through Voices for Healthy Kids, focusing on childhood health and works to create safe active environments where walking and cycling are part of everyday life and culture

  • Air pollution - a tale of two cities

    21st September 2017

    To mark the first ever World Lung Day on 25 September, Katy Cooper compares the history of air pollution, a major contributor to NCD burden, and efforts to tackle it in two of our largest cities: London and Beijing.