The 2018 UN HLM resulted in high-level political participation and a Political Declaration that supports civil society and people living with NCDs, but it fell short on financing and support for the WHO best buys and cost-effective interventions.

With its growing network of 60+ national and regional NCD alliances, NCDA is well positioned to lead global NCD civil society in holding governments accountable to the Political Declaration and encouraging and supporting them to go beyond it.

Civil society will lead efforts in “Bridging the Gap” – translating political commitments and rhetoric into action and implementation at local and national levels. It will focus on action enablers – financing, political leadership and translating solutions into the local and national contexts.

The expected outcomes of the Global NCD Alliance Forum 2020 are:

  • Call to action on Bridging the Gap that inspires national action and campaigns to move beyond rhetoric to action and meet the global NCD targets.
  • 2nd edition of Sharjah Awards, which recognise excellence in NCD civil society action.
  • 2020 NCD Civil Society Atlas, which collates best practices from around the world, sharing how civil society is delivering against the Sharjah Declaration and accelerating national and regional action.
  • Bridging the Gap research paper in support of the Forum theme and as a driver of media coverage.
  • Strengthened ability of national/regional NCD Alliances to follow up from the 2018 UN HLM on NCDs and monitor national/regional progress.
  • Increased capacity of civil society to call for accelerated action on NCDs at country and regional level to meet globally agreed targets.
  • Increased civil society knowledge of global NCD policy landscape and existing global commitments.
  • Strengthened civil society networks that incorporate CSOs from related areas into the NCD civil society movement.
  • Increased involvement of youth and people living with NCDs in the NCD movement.
  • Regional NCD advocacy planning and increased regional coordination.