A medical student takes blood glucose levels at a mobile cataract clinic in Chennai, India
© 2013 Julian Rothschild/Photoshare: A medical student takes blood glucose levels at a mobile cataract clinic in Chennai, India

Our Vision

NCD Alliance: Making NCD prevention and control a priority, everywhere.

The Vision that drives NCD Alliance is "a world where everyone has the opportunity for a healthy life, free from the preventable suffering, stigma, disability and death caused by noncommunicable diseases". This is our story.

Who We Are

NCD Alliance was founded by four international NGO federations representing the four main NCDs – cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and chronic respiratory disease.  Together with other major international NGO partners, NCD Alliance today unites a network of over 2,000 civil society organisations in more than 170 countries. The mission of NCD Alliance is to unite and strengthen civil society to stimulate collaborative advocacy, action and accountability for NCD prevention and control.

“The NCD Alliance is a special political asset…which can and should be a vital partner to the UN leadership” - Dr. Peter Piot, Director, LSHTM

What We Do

NCD Alliance uses targeted advocacy and outreach to ensure that NCDs are recognised as a major cause of poverty, a barrier to economic development, and a global emergency. This is done by working with a wide range of partners and organisations, speaking with a united voice at international meetings, mobilising the 2,000 organisations in our network, producing the latest policy work on NCDs and building the evidence base, convening expert working groups on a range of topics, and pressing governments to recognise that NCDs are a global development priority requiring an urgent response.

The NCD Alliance works with many partners that share a common interest in improving the lives of people living with NCDs and addressing their risk factors.

“The NCD Alliance, representing 880 member organisations in 170 countries, is a positive initiative for cooperation among international nongovernmental organisations to achieve common goals for NCDs.” - Lancet NCD Action Group, 2011