Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports provide an overview of the activities and achievements of NCD Alliance and our extensive constituency – our network, partners, volunteers and staff.

As an Alliance, we have always taken a long-term view. We chose to tackle the global NCD epidemic through global advocacy, coupled with mobilising and strengthening the NCD civil society movement at national and regional levels. Our approach is delivering results, building knowledge, and inspiring leadership. Our experience shows that together we can achieve more.

We are pleased to present our Annual Report 2017

2017 has been an important year for NCDA, both as an organisation and our ability to prepare the civil society movement for the 2018 UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs. Last year marked a new chapter for NCDA as an organisation, as we evolved from being an informal alliance to being a standalone NGO registered in Switzerland. 
Whilst this transition does not change the operations and strategic priorities of NCDA, it has important implications, moving NCDA to a membership model and opening up new opportunities for our network to become more formally and actively engaged in NCDA, as both members and Board Members. These changes are geared to make NCDA more inclusive, strengthen our sustainability, and harness members’ and partners’ strengths and activities.
The 2017 annual report provides a snapshot of the activities and achievements of NCDA and our extensive constituency. It also includes a summary of financial statements. The report serves as a testament and heartfelt thank you to our community as we move ever closer towards meeting our common goal: to reduce the NCD burden for people everywhere.